About me

Hi, my name is Juan Jose Salmeron Garcia and I am a dentist.

I was born and grew up in this beautiful town of Los Algodones and I studied in the capital city of Mexicali in the Autonomous University of Baja California, I worked for some years in the city of Mexicali and when started the year 2018 I returned to this amazing place that saw me born  and started working with dr. Alberto Zatarain at Biocenters (medical and dental solutions), which is an amazing project that integrates health sciences to help patients in a complete way.

Best quality services that are what any person deserves.

I had the opportunity to work for the university where I studied in the area of dental specialties, I have also worked for two private dental offices in the city of Mexicali, but to be honest when I talked with Dr. Zatarain about this project so complete and beneficial for patients , I didn´t hesitate for a moment and I came to work with him.


Our products and the Autoclave are designed and manufactured with the highest technology, resulting in maximum efficiency and effectiveness to provide absolute control of our products, in addition to offering the quality they require for their service.

Alkaline Kangel Water 

People love alkaline water for its ultra-hydrating, pH-balancing abilities. But before you start sipping the trendy drink, read up on the chemistry behind it.

Many doctors and even biochemists believe that ozone will help heal many problems. It's a subject that has and will for years create a lot of debate, as of enough studies have been completed to make everyone know that ozone therapy can heal things.

Our ultra-modern clinic is fully equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment that guarantees successful and smooth operations. We also offer a pre-3D CT scan to determine what unique dental implant best suits you. And yes, you can get an all-on-4 dental implant in just one day!

Undoubtedly, today having an electric generator brings great benefits that translate into zero waste of time, greater efficiency, savings, profit, comfort and safety.


“When I first went to Algodones for medical advice, I was introduced to Dr. Alberto Zatarain by a friend.  I found Dr. Alberto to be very caring and concerned for my medical condition. He was very accommodating and he listened to my concerns.  His staff are wonderful and made us feel very welcome".

Linetta Jones

“I decided on therapy at the BioCenter's Clinic in Algodones, Mexico just outside Yuma, AZ.  I began my treatment in May 2018. After my 10th treatment, I no longer have the angina pain. I still have 10 more treatments to go but feel so much better".

Gloria Keeton

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